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NaPoWriMo 2012

I'm doing it! A poem a day for the month of April. All poems will go up on my blog: thatravingslut.blogspot.com

N2N fic: Gateway

I figured I'd post this here since I'm not entirely sure where I could put it and have it actually be seen...

MAJOR NEXT TO NORMAL SPOILERS! I highly suggest you don't read this if you don't already know what happens in the show. This gives away a bunch of major things and I believe that N2N is best seen spoiler-free.

Also, this is non-consensual incest. Be forewarned and don't read it if that's bothersome to you.

Title: Gateway
Pairing: Natalie/Gabe, Natalie/Henry
Rating: R (again, incest and rape, plus drug use)
They do not belong to me, of course. Takes place the night before Diana throws her pills away, as you will see. I apologize for any inaccuracies based on whatever changes have been made since the Arena Stage run, and also for my lack of ability to capture the Natalie/Henry parts properly.

As soon as Gabe had touched her, he was real.Collapse )

Shameless Plug

Nicole and I have set up a community for Next to Normal fic and such since there is not one and that is sad. It's called electricfic and we just got it up and running. So yes. If you like Next to Normal, and you should, you should join.

A word of warning that I know applies to some of my friends on here: the community welcomes RPF in addition to regular fic. It is not meant to be disrespectful. No one actually believes it is true. But it's fun and provides a lot of inspiration. All entries will be clearly marked so you can easily avoid stories about the actors.

It will hopefully get prettier, but it's functional for now. Go! Join!

Hey, friends

All of you wicked_fanfic members have probably noticed that the community has been suspended (and if not, here you go!). I'm not going to go into all of the drama behind the suspension, but basically it has nothing at all to do with our community. Sally and I are trying to recover it so that we can have all of our stories and comments and everything back.

If you have a little time, go here and tell them that the community didn't do anything wrong and we'd like it back. I figure if they hear from more people than just me, maybe they'll listen.

Thank youuu!

Attention Brielli fans!

I wrote a Brielli Valentine's Day one-shot: http://lurlyverse.livejournal.com/2104.html. It isn't a locked post so everyone can read it :)

Writing journal!

I set up a writing journal today. There's nothing on it yet, and I haven't finished setting it up, but go ahead and add me to your friends if you want! It's lurlyverse.

Edit: Posting something today, go look :)
I've decided to start locking all my posts. I should have been doing it anyway. So if you aren't on my friends list, let me know.

A new Pirate Queen community!

I've started a new lj community for Pirate Queen fanfic, art, and graphics, so and I hope everyone who's interested in PQ will go check it out! It's still in the rough stages at this point while I look for someone to make some graphics (if you know how to make pretty lj layouts, by the way, talk to me), but I hope people will maybe join?

The Dream Neverending: http://community.livejournal.com/piratequeen_tdn/